OUT/STANDARD trailer series, by Magic Eye Ltd.

Trailer Series x OUT/STANDARD

Video Intro x Snickers, a project by Magic Eye Ltd.

Video Intro x Snickers

Adventure focused summer campaign for Intersport

Take It Easy, Take It Epic x Intersport

A woman wonders

Small Change Big Impact x Rippl

Videoclip Italia Awards 2023 Trailer, a project by Magic Eye Ltd.

2023 Awards Trailer x Videoclip Italia

Photoshoot BTS videos for Albaray

This Is Albaray x Albaray

Magic Eye Showreel

New Year New Reel

Scripted live action and animation content for Heineken’s new app all about beer.

Hello Beer x Heineken

A shark scares a fish

How To Present x Rippl

A team of runners push their limits

Winterized Running x Intersport

Supplement Your Life x Atida, a project by Magic Eye Ltd.

Supplement Your Life x Atida

Monica's story for Ellesse

Monica's Story x Ellesse

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